CASK NO. B7.14


  • ABV 57.%
  • Age 4 years
  • DISTILLED DATE 19/12/2016
  • CASK TYPE 1st fill #4 char barrel
  • Spirit Type Bourbon
  • REGION Indiana
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Tasting Notes

Plenty of sweet aromas greeted the Panel, marzipan, whipped vanilla cream and brown sugar but at the same time a wisp of wood smoke and sweet tobacco tickled our fancy. That was followed by a floral, fruity and spicy flavour of orange oil, white pepper, cinnamon and a touch of black liquorice. After the addition of water, the scent of gorse, coconut, mango and toasted almonds appeared while the taste was delightful, sweet cream chocolate chip ice cream or as the Italians call it “gelato stracciatella” – Bellissimo! The mash bill for this bourbon consists of 51% corn, 45% wheat and 4% malted barley, matured in a #4 char new oak barrel with #2 char heads.