CASK NO. Small Batch

Bazaar Berries

  • ABV 50.0%
  • Age 9 years
  • DISTILLED DATE 13/6/2013
  • CASK TYPE refill bourbon and 1st fill oloroso seasoned hogsheads
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Tasting Notes

What better way to celebrate the renewal of your Society membership than popping open a bottle of this delightful small batch sherried single malt? Created with whisky from a single Highland distillery and drawn from a varied palette of cask types, we found layers of sweetness and exotic spice. Best enjoyed in plenty of time and a contemplative mood.

The descriptors came thick and fast nosing neat – baclava, flapjacks, orange blossom Turkish delight and shredless smooth marmalade, as well as a clementine and honey couscous. On the palate we had a slice of peach mango float made with graham crackers and smooth vanilla whipped cream next to a glass of root beer containing sarsaparilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and anise. Following reduction, we found hot cross buns, toasted cinnamon sticks, Indian pistachio barfi and French croquembouche (a cone-shaped tower of cream choux puffs bound together by caramel). To taste, we tucked into orange blossom honey on a buttery crumpet and a strawberry sundae with 'monkey blood', that sweet dream of strawberries, ice cream, meringue and raspberry syrup.

Limited to 1 Bottle per Member