• ABV 55.6%
  • Age 27 years
  • DISTILLED DATE 26/4/1995
  • CASK TYPE refill ex-bourbon hogshead
  • REGION Highland
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Tasting Notes

We’re turning up the heat with a little Society experiment that’s been 27 years in the making. Prepare your palates for Exp.01, our chilli-infused spirit drink that can be enjoyed in various ways, whether you want to sip, mix or cook with it.

We doubt the those working the stills from distillery 42 back in 1995 could have imagined that their new-make spirit would have ended up in a cask alongside two kilograms of sliced Scotch bonnet chilli peppers. But it’s no surprise that the Society is uncovering new and wonderful ways to break down conventions in the whisky industry. 

Once upon a time this spirit was a single malt that had matured for around 10 years in a refill ex-bourbon hogshead. That was until we added around 100 pre-sliced Scotch bonnet chillis into the cask – stripping it of its title as a Scotch whisky. The curious concoction was then left to fuse with the spices for a further 17 years before being bottled. 

At 55.6% abv these 10cl miniatures offer members the chance to continue the experiment, by sipping, mixing and cooking with this spicy spirit at home. We don’t expect anyone to be knocking it back undiluted, unless you have a particularly strong constitution. But how about adding a bit of spice to your cocktails or recipes

We went to the Society’s Members’ Room at 28 Queen Street in Edinburgh to get some suggestions from SMWS ambassador Logan Shaw and executive head chef James Freeman

You can read much more about the origins of Exp.01 in Unfiltered.

Our online shop price for Exp.01 includes a one-off postage and packaging cost. Members' Rooms will offer this bottle without the postage and packaging cost.

Limited to 1 Bottle per Member


When Scotch whisky met Scotch bonnets

What on earth possessed us to take a cask of whisky at 10 years old and throw in a tray of Scotch bonnet chilli peppers? The story goes back to a previous Society experiment, when we matured whisky in casks which had been used to ferment and age Tabasco® pepper sauce.

Julien Willems reports on the spark of maverick inspiration behind the release of our Exp.01 that dates back more two decades.

For the thrill of it

Who better to collaborate with on the release of our Exp.01 chilli-infused spirit drink than a ‘Thrill Engineer’? Brendan Walker brings a heady mix of art and science to his work, from engineering the euphoric rush of a roller coaster ride to the psychotropic thrill of combining Scotch whisky and Scotch bonnet chilli peppers.

Into the fire

We don’t expect members to sit and savour Exp.01 as a dram on its own – although it’s definitely worth a try to see what your palate makes of it. Like its predecessor Hotscotch, our chilli-infused spirit drink can be enjoyed in various ways, whether you want to sip, mix or cook with it.

Society chef James Freeman has been around long enough to remember working with the original Hotscotch sauce more than 20 years ago. We asked him to work with Exp.01 in his kitchen to see how it could work as a condiment.