CASK NO. 4.361

Particularly peculiar potpourri

  • ABV 62.9%
  • Age 11 years
  • DISTILLED DATE 27/1/2011
  • CASK TYPE 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel
  • REGION Highland
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Tasting Notes

On the nose, we imagined some fancy potpourri – heather and lavender sprigs, dried seaweed and rolling tobacco – all mixed together in a big wooden bowl with a drizzle of truffle honey. The palate gave us the dark sweetness of crème brûlée, toffee apples and bitter chocolate, then lemon tart and sucking on a lobster claw; all the time we were aware of teasing smoke, like salmon being hot-smoked in the back yard or a Nicaraguan cigar. At six years of age, we combined selected casks from this distillery. We then returned the single malt into various casks for further maturation. This is one of those casks.