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8th Nov 2023


Are you a whisky enthusiast with a love for endless discovery? Then welcome to Drop & Dram, a monthly whisky subscription pack from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, which is available to non-members.

We’ve designed this exciting new experience especially for adventurous souls who are looking to take their passion for whisky to the next level.

We’ll be launching Drop & Dram on 29 November, and here’s a taste of what you’re in for:

  • A specially curated selection of limited edition, single malt whiskies from around the world, delivered to your door.
  • Tasting notes, stories, and expert insights accompany every bottle, opening a door to a world of whisky knowledge and deepening your appreciation for the artistry behind the liquid.
  • Monthly membership to The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, with exclusive access to full 70cl bottles including limited editions, unique drops and special offers.
  • Whisky events and tastings that await you as part of becoming a part of our incredible whisky community.

Here’s how it all works:

  1. Sign up to our monthly subscription plan.
  2. Every month, you receive a carefully curated selection of 3 x 50ml cask strength whiskies.
  3. Uncover the stories and flavours behind each bottle with our special tasting videos.
  4. Like what you taste? Unlock access to full-size bottles and connect with the world’s largest community of whisky lovers. Share your own whisky tales, swap recommendations and build lasting friendships.

To sign up and be the first to learn about our monthly subscription, go to:

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