Membership and a bottle of whisky

Welcome to the world’s biggest and most exciting whisky club!

At The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, we want to help you discover a whole world of whisky and so we never stop searching for one-of-a kind casks to bottle.

Every whisky we release is by its nature a one-off. The cask it comes from is completely unique, never to be repeated.

And so your first dram, from your first Society bottle, is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Purchase of Society membership now gives the option to tailor the bottle you will receive to your tastes and interests.

We would love to guide and help you find some flavours you’d like to try – so the bottle you receive with your new membership pack makes its mark on your memory.

Are you ready to answer some questions? Click ‘find my whisky’ ... or, if you’re happy to leave your palate in our hands, please click ‘I don’t mind’.

In addition to your first Society bottle, your membership gives you 12 months of access to the following:

  • World class multi award-winning monthly Outturns of around 20 new single cask, single malt bottlings in an ever-changing variety of flavours.
  • Members’ Rooms at venues in the UK, where you can sign in up to three guests on each visit.
  • Society drams and discounts in around 100 SMWS partner bars around the world.
  • Virtual and in-person whisky tastings, events, festivals and other whisky experiences held at our Members’ Rooms, partner bars and other venues in the UK and around the world.
  • Expert advice and personal guidance about all our whiskies from our Dram-cierge team.
  • Exclusive access to Unfiltered magazine online every month, with the best in whisky writing and photography to inform, entertain and stimulate your taste for whisky adventures.
  • Membership card and lapel pin badge.


Are you ready to start exploring our flavours to find your first Society bottle? Click ‘find my whisky’ – or if you’re happy to leave your palate in our hands, please click ‘I don’t mind’.

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